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Katarzyna Przezwańska


object; oak leaf covered with acrylic paint; 3,5x22,5x11,5 cm

The blurring of the boundary between culture and nature is the subject of the contemplation in the work Leaf. The object was made of an authentic red oak leaf covered with green paint. The artist, as in many of her works, transforms an element of nature into an object of art, in this case by adding an artificial colour, but one that is considered natural for leaves. The dichotomy she uses natural artificial, real manufactured does not value these two realities, but rather treats them with equal understanding and sympathy. It emphasizes the fact that they interpenetrate to a much greater degree than we used to think.

The artist is close to the idea of modernism, treated not as a boring relic of the past, but as joyful, filled with bright colours and optimism. The intense green, juicy colour catches and pleases the eye. It is no coincidence that the artist chose an oak leaf, a symbol of strength, power and longevity. Looking at Przezwańskas Leaf, one can feel a surge of good energy.

Katarzyna Przezwańska graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She creates paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, films and architectural interventions. In her work, she examines the relationship between nature and culture, their impact on humans and the way they are experienced. Colour and its impact on the environment play an important role in her work.