FAQ | Collection Co–selection

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  • How were the artworks on the platform selected?
    • The artworks come from the Collection of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, and were selected following interviews with members of the public who participated in focus group research in summer 2020, conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Social Applied Sciences, University of Warsaw. Participants talked about experiencing and interpreting art and their motivations for visiting art institutions. Thanks to their involvement we have created a virtual gallery of artworks where you can make your own choices.

  • How many artworks can I choose? 
    • You can choose as many artworks as you like, but each choice must be justified.

  • What should I write in response to the question “Why do I want to choose this artwork? 
    • Please write a short explanation of your choice (or a longer one, if you wish). Of course it will be subjective and influenced by a number of factors and we are interested in your point of view.
  • Why am I asked to disclose my gender or age? 
    • This is for statistical and research purposes. Researchers from the Institute of Social Applied Sciences, University of Warsaw, will compile the collected data. We are interested in how the choices are distributed among various groups of art recipients. 
  • Will anyone find out about me taking part in the project?
    • No, your choices will remain anonymous.
  • What will be the consequences of my choices? 
    • The selected artworks will become the basis of the Collection Coselection exhibition. It will be open from 18 December 2020 to 5 April 2021 at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. We look forward to seeing you!
  • I want to know more, how can I contact you? 
    • Please get in touch at info@u-jazdowski.pl. Well be happy to answer all your questions.