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Women is a series of three films whose protagonists are Barbara, Helena, and Zofia. The artist, as in many of his other projects, is a silent and detached observer of his heroines lives. He accompanies each of them for several days in their everyday life. The women have unattractive jobs Barbara is a tram driver, Helena is a cleaning lady, and Zofia is a hotel maid. Even though their tasks are monotonous, they perform them with full commitment. They are conscientious and efficient, it can be seen that they value their labour. In addition to their professional work, they perform their duties as mothers and wives, working second jobs in their homes. Their free time is limited to watching TV soaps that they combine with housework, and wearing lipstick or looking at a womens magazine is luxury.

The film is a documentary. The artist presents a slice of reality and leaves the viewers with questions about the meaning of such existence, although none of the women depicted complains about it. The film shows the problem of womens labour, which is culturally and socially sanctioned to such extent that no signs of direct coercion are revealed. Importantly, it shows the everyday realities of the lives of the three women. Each of them has a different family and housing situation and problems, which, although shown only marginally, leave a depressing impression.