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Leon Tarasewicz


painting; oil on canvas; 280x910 cm

The painting Untitled is a set of six connected canvases. It is composed of concentric, oval lines of narrow stripes with uneven edges it is something between a realistic, and an abstract-geometric representation. It can bring to mind a ploughed field seen from above that resembles a wonderful abstract land art painting. It is a look at everyday practical activity, which, while seemingly prosaic, can yield artistic and aesthetic effects. In what is natural and keeping man alive, the artist notices the beauty of the created forms. The great scale of the entire painting is convincingly justified here it captures the magnificence of nature.

Leon Tarasewicz is a Polish painter of Belarusian origin. In 1984, he graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he later ran the Guest Painting Studio, and is now a professor at the Faculty of Media Art and Scenography. He is a laureate of numerous awards and decorations.

Tarasewicz emphasizes his Belarusian roots and identifies himself with the Belarusian minority living in Podlasie. He lives in the village of Waliły and the nature that surrounds him is the most important reference for his work. He sees it differently than his neighbours and notices something amazing in it, something that goes beyond our everyday life.