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Koji Kamoji

Reed Boats

installation; boats set up on shiny tiles; variable dimensions

Koji Kamojis intense experience of the immensity of water, sky, and air during his sea journey to Poland resulted in a number of works relating to these experiences. Another memory that influenced the creation of Reed Boats was a childhood memory: “As a child, I made small boats out of reed; some had sails, others did not. I launched them from the riverbank next to where I lived. The wind and the currents carried them away.

Reed Boats are an artistic impression of these experiences. The floor is covered with large pieces of polished sheet metal that resemble smooth, calm water. On this pane, there are boats made of the same material. The aluminium surface produces extensive reflections of the lamp light that resemble rays of sun reflected in the water. In order to achieve this effect, the artist deliberately used aluminium. Thanks to its large-scale combined with a subtle, poetic form, the installation encourages viewers to stay longer and contemplate its meaning.

Koji Kamoji, of Japanese origin, graduated from art academies in Tokyo and Warsaw. He creates paintings, objects, and installations. Although he has lived in Poland since 1959, his work clearly shows the aesthetics and references to culture and philosophy of the East. His works are economical and unpretentious; he uses simple, often natural materials such as stone, water, paper, or metal. In his work, Kamoji refers to existential reflections on his own experience, childhood and youthful memories. He often focuses on space and the possibility of experiencing it, and often references nature and its symbolism.